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10/22/2010 – Bob Harper on set shooting with Women’s Health Magazine – stay tuned for the issue.

10/25/2010 – Bob Harper chats it up with Star Magazine on his 10 seasons of the Biggest Loser, with great tips on how everyone can lose big. Read the interview here.

10/14/2010 – Woman’s Day Magazine enlists America’s Trainer Bob Harper, to create 3 new fun calorie-blasting workouts – perfect for fall. Check out the workouts here.

10/7/2010 – Bob Harper’s talking fitness today on Everyday With Rachel Ray – check out these great clips, including a backstage interview, as well as Everyday With Rachel Ray’s Bob Harper Inside Out Method DVD Give Away! Click here for interview 1. Click here for interview 2. Click here to enter the contest.

10/1/2010 – Fitness RX Magazine interviews Bob Harper in the October issue on his new Inside Out Method DVD Series. Check out the full article here.

9/16/2010 – Popular fitness site absolutely loves the My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series, saying It’s Extremely Challenging, Intense, and left them dripping in sweat! Read the full review here.

9/15/2010 – Bob Harper is bringing his workout challenge to Rachel Ray, taping live in NYC today – be sure to tune in on October 8th to catch the episode.

8/20/2010 – Ivillage checks out tips from Bob Harper’s My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series. Click here.

7/28/2010 – Fit Celeb reviews Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method DVD Series. Check it out.

7/26/2010 – FatFighter TV also reviewed the series. Read the article here.

7/23/2010 – The Examiner continued their coverage with a post on Bob Saturday Challenges, posting this weekend’s challenge via our youtube channel. Check it out here.

7/21/2010 – FitSugar calls Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method DVD Series A wonderfully intense all body, heart pumping workout. From yoga to intense cardio, Bob is ready to make you sweat!” Check out the full review here.

7/21/2010 – reviews Bob Harper’s Inside Out Method. Check it out here! As well as a second review here.

7/16/10 – Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy’s Live interview with Bob Harper as he talks about getting fit with his brand new My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD series. Listen here.

7/2/2010 – Check out Bob Harper giving Dick and The Gang the full scoop on his My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series interview on CBS Radio KNX 1070! Listen to it here.

6/28/10 – Check out Washington Post Express’s Review of Bob’s My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series. Click here.

6/15/2010 – Shape Magazine – Shape Magazine checks in with Bob Harper as he deconstructs the abdominal crunch – showing readers the correct form and technique to get the most out of their ab workout.

6/7/10 – The LA Times Shouts out Bob Harper’s “New Crop of fitness Videos” in a post on his newest training partner – Karl! Click here.

6/4/2010 – Self Magazine – Sculpt Sexy Arms and Abs With The Biggest Loser Trainer

5/31/10 – Home Media Magazine is buzzing about the release of Bob Harper’s and Billy Blanks’ new fitness DVD series. Crediting them as “Heavy Weights Fitness Stars” home media predicts strong sales, congratulating Watch It Now Entertainment and Anchor Bay on the promising venture.

5/17/2010 – AOL Health: That’s Fit Bob Harper Exclusive: Inside Out Method

Introducing Bob Harper’s First Fitness DVD Series Release
My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method, a Raw Workout with Real Results.

Los Angeles, 18 May 2010- Get ready to train with America’s biggest fitness trainer, Bob Harper. Renowned for helping thousands of individuals achieve amazing weight loss success, Bob is finally providing one-on-one access to his “Inside Out” method of training with his, My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series, a raw, gritty workout that combines authentic performance and proven metabolic enhancing techniques that work to drop pounds, lose fat, and deliver your best body inside-out.

“No more excuses, make a decision to change your life – it’s going to be hard work, but with me as your personal trainer, you can do it,” says Bob, whose brand new DVD series gives viewers an exclusive, uncut look at what it really takes to lose big and transform your body.

This is a real workout, from a true trainer. More than a decade of professional training experience culminated in the creation of Bob’s authentic method that has been tested and mastered on clients of all weights and fitness levels. The result is a complete training system that allows anyone, whether just a beginner, intermediate or advanced reach top form and peak physical condition. The My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series features four distinct titles encompassing all the major fitness disciplines. (DVD1) PURE BURN-SUPER STRENGTH: 60-minutes of power surging resistance training that delivers an intense burn to sculpt the upper body, lower body, and core; plus an additional 25-minute beginners workout to get you started. (DVD2) BODY REV – CARDIO CONDITIONING: 60-minutes of explosive, heart rate accelerating cardio that gets your body working on all cylinders so you exhaust calories, and lose fat fast; plus an additional 25-minute turbocharged workout to get targeted results when your time is limited. (DVD 3) YOGA FOR THE WARRIOR: 60-minutes of vigorous yoga exercises that recruit and train every muscle in your body, stretching your physical limitations, and enhancing muscular performance, for a contoured, streamlined physique; plus an additional 15-minute abdominal routine that is yoga at its extreme, demanding maximum output for defined abs. (DVD4) Bob’s Work Out: Two 30-minute tough, cutting-edge, pro-training routines from Bob’s very own top training regime.

“I wanted this series to be real; it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. I’m requiring everything you have physically, a 100% commitment, because if it’s not that, we should all just stay home,” says Bob, who’s My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method DVD Series, finds him as passionate and tough as ever; pushing viewers to go harder and faster, inspiring them to fight through the reps, conquer their pre-conceived limitations, and reach the ultimate degree of training.

Bob’s Inside Out Method is a challenging integration of Mind, Body, and Spiritual fitness that aggressively pushes you mentally and physically further than you have ever gone, to reach a greater sense of accomplishment that powers a better body and a better life. This approach from the “Inside Out” starts with improving oneself internally, and spreads outwardly, as Bob motivates and inspires, impressing upon you the importance of self-acceptance, helping you realize that the power to change lies within. It’s about making better choices, accepting life’s challenges, and finding your reward so that you start to feel good about yourself and change your life. Bob is ready to help you take charge now!

The entire My Trainer Bob Inside Out Method 4 Disc DVD Series retails for $35.99 and is exclusively available for pre-sale now at The PURE-BURN SUPER STRENGTH title will be available in all Target stores starting in July, with the national retail-wide release of the full series slated for October 1, 2010.

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About Bob Harper

Bob Harper is the brilliant force behind countless stories of success from people who had previously given up on helping themselves, or had been written off as helpless by others. His meteoric rise as the heart of NBC’s worldwide hit “The Biggest Loser,” afforded him the incredible platform to exemplify his passion and vigor as one of the most in-demand fitness specialist in the Nation, appearing in motivational excerpts on television and DVD, in books and making personal appearances for huge audiences across the country. Harper has spent more than a decade developing his trademark brand of fitness and nutritional integration that leads to lasting lifestyle transformations, and in doing so, he has cultivated a devoted following of clients. Harper approach is founded upon knowing that quick-fix fitness does not lead to continual; and meaningful changes. Harper is certified with the American Fitness Training of Athletics and with Aerobics and Fitness Association of America.