Yoga For The Warrior

Bob has deconstructed the traditional concept of yoga with this vigorous, physique refining yoga routine that recruits and trains every muscle in your body, stretching your limitations, and delivering powerful weight-loss results.  Maximum output is required. Temperatures and heart rates will soar as you push your body to the limit, triggering both physical and metabolic responses that work to deliver your most streamlined physique. Go beyond where you thought a normal yoga workout could go!


Workout 1  An intense hour of Bob taking you farther than you thought possible. This isn’t ordinary yoga. Improve your performance as you work up a major sweat

Workout 2 – 15 minutes of powerful yoga abs as Bob pushes you through this invigorating routine based on building a strong, defined and balanced core.…

Cardio Conditioning

If you’ve got heart, you can get results. Your heart is the most vital muscle in your body; the engine that keeps you alive. In this ultimate cardio workout, Bob takes you through a series of explosive, non-stop drills in all three planes of motion that gets your heart rate pumping to maximum fat burning capacity. Optimize your powerhouse, and defy limitations, with a calorie igniting, weight loss fueling workout that will improve your cardiovascular system, increase energy, and enhance endurance, so you blaze away fat and transform your body!

Workout 1 – An intense hour of explosive, heart rate accelerating cardio. Try to keep up with Bob and his team as they push you harder and faster than you thought you could go.

Workout 2 – 25 minutes of turbo charged body shaping cardio that allows you to target trouble spots when time is limited…

Pure Burn – Super Strength

Do you want to change your body? Bob will push you and your muscles farther than you ever thought possible. No muscle goes untrained. A “Get Cut Revolution” for the upper body, lower body, and core. 35 power surging moves set to a dynamic pace, delivering an intensified burn that works to aggressively increase metabolism, attack fat, and exhaust calories so you lose weight, gain muscle, and get the results you have been looking for.

Workout 1 – One hour of full-out performance that will take your body to the limit.  Challenge yourself & get rewarded.

Workout 2 – A 25 minute beginner workout to get you started. Bob will show you the steps, but you have to take them…

Bob’s Workout

An exclusive look at the cutting edge routines from Bob’s very own training regime. Train like a pro-trainer as Bob takes you through a series of accelerated and specialized routines that target specific body groups, incorporating core circuit training that will quickly amp heart rate, continuing to push your body past the lactic acid phase for optimum metabolism increasing weight loss, fat burn, and pure muscle building. A higher degree of training for real results.

Workout 1 – 30 minutes of Extreme core based upper body training, with Bob constantly turning up the heat. You’ve trained with Bob, now train like him-if you can!

Workout 2 – 30 minutes of Advanced core based lower body training, with Bob introducing his toughest routines yet. Go harder and get your hardest body possible!…